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November 22, 2009

Canadian Frontier Oil and Gas

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As oil and gas developments rapidly expand across Canada into increasingly remote and harsh locations, and as the environmental impacts of this sector become more obvious across the entire production chain, from early exploration to final consumption, there is an urgent need for an analysis of the environmental policy regimes regulating this industry. This SSHRC Canadian Environmental Issues research project (with Anna Zalik, FES and Angela Carter, Political Science, University of Waterloo) examines if current environmental assessment policy in Canadian provinces and territories effectively manages the multiple and serious environmental impacts of oil development and how these regimes could be improved to enhance the protection of Canadian environments.

Offshore oil and gas research in Newfoundland and Labrador

Since 2002, my colleagues, students and I have tried to understand how the predictions on environmental impact in environmental impact assessments are assessed for offshore oil and gas extraction projects in NL.  Many of our attempts have been thwarted by lack of access to data which would allow us to conduct these assessments (see Fraser et al. 2006, Fraser and Ellis 2008b).  Our goal is  to improve the environmental management of production projects in the NW Atlantic through a critical examination of the policies related to this industry.

This work is in collaboration with the Alder Institute, a nonprofit organization in Newfoundland whose primary objective is to translate science into public knowledge.

Selected student oil and gas related projects:

Tsubasa Morishita, Impacts of the two oil extraction methods on habitat fragmentation in Alberta Canada: literature review and GIS analysis (Senior Honours Work)

Vanessa Higgins, Oceanic Noise Pollution: Seismic Guidelines and Mitigation Measures for sea turtles (MES Major Paper)

Daniel Raisman, Public participation in environmental impact assessment: a look at oil and gas development projects (Senior Honours Work)



Alder Institute, Public archives on oil and gas activities

Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board

Dr. Ian Jones, Memorial University, White Rose Oil Spill

Dr. Ian Jones, Memorial University, Terra Nova Oil Spill

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