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Gail S. Fraser


Email: gsfraser@yorku.ca

Areas of Academic Interest

Within the broad area of avian ecology, I undertake research primarily focused on colonial nesting waterbirds in both fresh water and marine environments.  In the marine ecosystems, my research focuses on understanding the impacts from offshore oil and gas operations on seabirds and falls mostly in the area of environmental policy. In freshwater environments, I conduct field-based studies on the ecology and management of waterbirds, specifically, double-crested cormorants and black-crowned night herons.  I have a long-term monitoring program at Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto, where the largest colony of double-crested cormorants in North America resides.


Ph.D., Biopsychology Programme, Memorial University of Newfoundland (1999):  Parental care and sexual selection of monogamous crested auklets.

M.Sc., Department of Zoology, North Dakota State University (1994): The foraging ecology of Forster’s terns.

B.Sc., Department of Biology, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (1990)

Professional Affiliations

Graduate appointment in the Department of Biology, York University http://www.biol.yorku.ca/grad/

Research Associate, Alder Institute http://alder.nf.ca/

Member of the Waterbird Society  http://www.waterbirds.org/